Five new Klingenfuss products for 2018: All advance orders have been shipped!

Dear friends,

all new products for 2018

– 2018 Super Frequency List on CD
– 2018 Shortwave Frequency Guide
– 2018 Frequency Database for the PERSEUS Software-Defined Receiver
– 1997-2018 Digital Data Decoder Screenshots on USB Stick
– Supplement January 2018 to the 2017/2018 Guide to Utility Radio Stations

have been published by 7 December. We’ve worked around the clock and hundreds of advance orders have been mailed by Saturday 9 December, i.e. well in time for the Christmas holiday and radio monitoring season. Enjoy!

Full A4 size sample pages can be found on our website: where you can download the new 2018 catalogue as well, plus detailed product descriptions, hundreds of fascinating screenshots, and a list of dealers worldwide, from Australia to the United States of America. Alternatively, you may ask for our free 24-pages 2018 printed catalogue to your postal address.

The free Supplement January 2018 to the 2017/2018 Guide to Utility Radio Stations with 400+ new frequencies can be downloaded from our website as well. For decades, the Klingenfuss Utility Radio Guide has been the standard reference book for both professional HF radio monitoring services and non-professional radio listeners worldwide.

Deadline for the very latest 2018 broadcast schedules published in the brandnew Shortwave Frequency Guide was on 15 November 2017. Unlike traditional publications in this field, our clear layout and new typeface provides for excellent legibility. See the brandnew sample pages on our comprehensive webpage!

Apart from the usual up-to-date broadcast and utility station and schedule databases, the 2018 Super Frequency List on CD now covers more than 570 fascinating new digital data decoder screenshots from professional HF stations around the globe, comprising in detail the revolutionary Kiwi-SDR and Web-SDR techniques as well.

Our product Digital Data Decoder Screenshots on USB Stick now covers more than 14,500 (fourteen thousand five hundred!) digital data decoder screenshots from 1997 to today, essentially produced with PROCITEC and WAVECOM equipment. Feed your PC or laptop or tablet with this stick, and the “slide show” will keep you busy for a few days –
or weeks!

As precisely predicted by ourselves – and by nobody else! – already 18 years ago in 2000, HF e-mail continues to spread rapidly and has developed into the major application of modern digital HF techniques that we have marketed – and used! – for decades.

Best wishes, Joerg Klingenfuss

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New Klingenfuss products for 2017: Worldwide Web-SDR Decoding

Dear friends,

recently, we've used Web-SDRs from all over the world for the 
monitoring of professional HF digital data stations. Decoding results 
are excellent and hundreds of screenshots will be published in our 
2017 editions - see some samples on our hotfrequencies website!

NOAA sunspot numbers now are between 0 and 100, with the solar cycle 
minimum expected for 2019. However, we still experience good 
propagation conditions up to around 21 MHz: on 13 October we received 
the low-power transmitter of aircraft A6-EOX, an Emirates AIRBUS 
A380, sending a detailed ADS-C Basic Report from high above the 
Arabian Sea at an altitude of 40,000 feet, on 21982 kHz. HF radio 
continues to be fascinating!

We're now working on our new products

- 2017/2018 Guide to Utility Radio Stations
- 2017 Shortwave Frequency Guide
- 2017 Super Frequency List on CD
- 2017 Frequency Database for the Perseus LF-HF Software-Defined 

to be published on 10 December 2016.

Full-resolution title page graphics can be found at

If you are able to supply additional new frequencies and stations, 
your cooperation would be highly appreciated. Please let us have your 
data by 22 October 2016.

The continuously updated product Digital Data Decoder Screenshots on 
USB Stick is highly successful and now covers more than 12,300 
(twelve thousand three hundred!) screenshots from 1997 to today. Feed 
your PC or Tablet with this data, and the "slide show" will keep you 
busy for a few days - or weeks!


Latest references (see

Markus Tag, Solingen - 14 August 2016: "2016 Frequency Database for 
the Perseus Receiver ... alles prima angekommen und im Perseus 
installiert, eine gute und hilfreiche Datenbank."

Daniel Gillet VE2XWA, Canada - 10 July 2016: "CD Recording of 
Modulation Types ... I received my package yesterday. As usual im 
very impressed by the quality of your work." - 27 June 2016: "I'm a 
big fan of your books since many years!"

Luigi Collico, Italy - 4 April 2016: "2016 Shortwave Frequency Guide 
... 2015/2016 Guide to Utility Radio Stations ... Arrivato tutto. 
Sempre un'ottima pubblicazione."

Frank Ravenswood K2NCC, United States of America - 6 March 2016: "One 
thing I have a lot of in this house, is printed material. Shelves and 
boxes of knowledge I wish I could better retain, but enjoy 
nonetheless along the way. Most eventually get traded, donated, sold, 
but some I just never get rid of. Reference books mostly, many with 
information not found online. Yeah, it was a surprise to me too, 
everything isn´t on the Web! The Klingenfuss guides are a great 

Radio User, United Kingdom - March 2016: "2016 Shortwave Frequency 
Guide ... 2016 Super Frequency List on CD ... Over the past 47 years, 
Klingenfuss Publications has built a reputation for producing superb 
frequency guides and reference books that are of interest to both 
professional and hobby radio enthusiasts. Whether your interest lies 
in aeronautical, maritime or military communications, news agencies, 
non-governmental organisations, standard frequency and time signal 
stations or weather broadcasts, these Klingenfuss publications are 
likely to be very useful reference sources. Without doubt, the 
combination of these two items should meet the needs of most devotees 
for the low frequency, medium frequency and shortwave bands."

Funkamateur, Germany - March 2016: "2016 Shortwave Frequency Guide 
... Empfehlenswerter Begleiter beim Kurzwellenempfang."

Bob Grove W8JHD, Review Editor, in The Spectrum Monitor, United 
States of America - February 2016: "For the consummate monitor of the 
radio spectrum, two major sources dominate the frequency directory 
compendium. For scanner enthusiasts it's the 
website, and for shortwave aficionados it's Joerg Klingenfuss's 
comprehensive collection in print and on CDs. Joerg has been a leader 
in shortwave publications for decades, covering both broadcasting and 
utilities; his latest issues are excellent examples of his continuing 
effort to offer professional and comprehensive volumes. 2016 
Shortwave Frequency Guide ... This 20th print edition should provide 
ample evidence to refute the 'shortwave is dead' myth. Last year's 
volume had 360 pages. This year's volume? Still 360 pages. While it 
is true that the broadcasters are slowly but surely emigrating from 
the HF spectrum, utility stations are actually on the rise. As might 
be expected with the dwindling broadcast users of the HF spectrum, 
there are only about half the number of frequencies in this list as 
there were for utilities. For convenience to the listener, 
Klingenfuss addends the frequency list with a cross reference of 
stations listed alphabetically by country. Clandestine stations have 
a list of their own, with such notables as Radio Libertad, Voice of 
Freedom, Sound of Hope, Voice of the People and many, many more. - 
2015/2016 Guide to Utility Radio Stations ... includes a January 2016 
supplement and is far more detailed than the Shortwave Frequency 

Fabio Cambisi, Italy - 15 January 2016: "2016 Super Frequency List on 
CD ... Always wonderful work.""

John Collins, United States of America - 25 December 2015: "2016 
Frequency Database for the Perseus Receiver ... 2016 Super Frequency 
List on CD ... 2016 Shortwave Frequency Guide ... 1997-2016 Digital 
Data Decoder Screenshots on USB Stick ... I have just received the 
2016 version updates ... Everything looks great and software loaded 
with no issues ... I am very pleased!"

Brian Carr, New Zealand - 18 December 2015: "I got my 2016 Shortwave 
Frequency Guide yesterday afternoon, very happy with it."

Alfredo Gallerati IK7JGI in Associazione Radioamatori Italiani's 
Radio Rivista, Italy - December 2015: "2016 Shortwave Frequency Guide 
... importante guida operativa, una guida che consiglio di tenere 
accanto al nostro ricevitore per disporre di un database aggiornato 
da sfogliare con pochi 'click' delle dita, magari durante la nostra 
caccia al dx. A Klingenfuss ... dobbiamo un ringraziamento perchè da 
20 anni non ci fa mancare questa panoramica aggiornata di frequenze 
mondiali BC da tutto il mondo in circa 400 pagine. La stessa SWFG 
esce anche in versione CD con il titolo 2016 Super Frequency List 
aggiornatissima e di facile gestione da computer. Attraverso una 
utility interna offre la possibilità di una comoda ricerca di 
stazioni e frequenze aggiornate, grazie all'impostazione dei 
parametri di lingua e Paese. Per gli amanti del radioascolto utility 
è targata la famosa 2015/2016 Guide to Utility Radio Stations che, 
ogni due anni in 550 pagine, offre una panoramica aggiornata del 
mondo delle Utility."


Best wishes, Joerg Klingenfuss

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