New Klingenfuss products for 2019: More than 300 Kiwi-SDRs QRV!

Dear friends,

Currently, around 300+ Kiwi-SDRs are available at , and most of these cover the entire HF spectrum. Consequently, monitoring and decoding of professional HF digital data stations – from exotic locations all over the world! – is more convenient than ever before.

Hundreds of screenshots will be published in our brandnew 2019 editions. See some samples on our hotfrequencies website!

With NOAA sunspot numbers around 20-40, we’re now in the solar cycle minimum, However, we still experience good propagation conditions up to around 18 MHz: on 30 September we received the low-power transmitter of aircraft SU-GDZ, an Egypt Air B737 at an altitude of 36,000 feet enroute from Cairo to Lagos, sending automatic position reports every 15 minutes on 17928 kHz. HF radio continues to be fascinating!

We’re now working on our new products

– 2019/2020 Guide to Utility Radio Stations
– 2019 Shortwave Frequency Guide
– 2019 Super Frequency List on CD
– 2019 Frequency Database for the Perseus LF-HF Software-Defined Receiver

to be published on 10 December 2018.

Full-resolution title page graphics can be found at and and and

If you are able to supply additional new frequencies and stations, your cooperation would be highly appreciated. Please let us have your data by 20 October 2018.

The continuously updated product Digital Data Decoder Screenshots on USB Stick now covers more than 15,900 (fifteen thousand nine hundred!) screenshots from 1997 to today. Feed your PC or Tablet with this data, and the “slide show” will keep you busy for a few days – or weeks!

Shortwave is dead? Well, we’ve been told so for 50+ years. More than 650 selected new digital data decoder screenshots will be published on our 2019 Super Frequency List on CD ;-))


Latest references (see

Richard Roush KA8BDD, United States of America – 16 May 2018: “2018 Super Frequency List on CD … This is simply amazing! One does not have to travel the world for great DX, just tune a Kiwi-SDR from a remote spot. We have come so far in technology.”

John Palmer M0LCD, United Kingdom – 5 April 2018: “2018 Frequency Database for the Perseus Receiver … I am most grateful and your service is the best I have ever had. I have used your books and CD’s over the last 20 years. I have still got the books from way back in 1999. In those days I purchased them from the RSGB bookshop. I have used other books on the same subject, but never as good as yours. I will be ordering other titles in the next few days. Again many thanks for your first class service.”

Georg Wiessala, Editor of Radio User, United Kingdom – March 2018: “2018 Shortwave Frequency Guide … meticulously researched … The clandestine radio stations list offered here is unrivalled. The book is enriched by screenshots and is used by a number of professional monitors and services around the world. The contextual information on utility monitoring, modes in use and legal restrictions is one of the best I have seen. It will pave the way into this fascinating part of the hobby for many enthusiasts and readers of Radio User’s new
utility monitoring column. The publication, like others, has moved with the times and there is much of interest here for those interested in HF e-mail, short wave radiograms, web-SDR listening and automatic monitoring and recording techniques, in fact, the book is worth its price for its survey of the future of a range of radio transmissions alone. Unlike the other guides reviewed here, the Klingenfuss list makes no bones about the underlying politics of radio, the use of radio by extremists of all kinds and about the utter foolishness of leading international broadcasters to discontinue short wave transmissions at a time when the world needs
them most. There are also a few home truths about DRM, internet censorship and radio and political repression world-wide. It is refreshing to find this kind of background made more explicit in a title of this nature. Like its predecessor editions, this title is, therefore, highly-recommended.”

Alessandro Bertoglio in Associazione Radioamatori Italiani’s Radio Rivista, Italy – March 2018: “Non si offendano i BCL, essendo una questione di gusti personali, ma dopo una decina di anni d’ascolto delle stazioni BC ero veramente annoiato di ascoltare annunci pubblicitari, trasmissioni politiche o sportive in lingue che conoscevo poco … Fu cosi che approdai nel mondo delle Utility, sconosciuto, intrigante, quasi, potrei dire, misterioso. Fu l’incontro con le pubblicazioni del Klingenfuss ad aprirci gli occhi: migliaia di stazioni, molto differenti dalle broadcasting, sparse su tutto il globo e tanti modi e protocolli di trasmissione. Un vero
universo da esplorare!”

Arnaldo Slaen, Argentinia – 12 December 2017: “… mis felicitaciones por vuestra publicacion anual la cual, en casi 40 anos como diexista, es la primera vez que adquiero.”

Glen Briden, Canada – 10 December 2017: “2018 Super Frequency List on CD … I can not imagine listening to shortwave radio without your guide.”

Robert Dodt, United Kingdom – 8 November 2017: “2018 Shortwave Frequency Guide … I have used your very excellent SW Frequency Guides for years.”

Mike Richards G4WNC, Decode Editor, in Radio User, United Kingdom – May 2017: “2017/2018 Guide to Utility Radio Stations … 2017 Super Frequency List on CD … Joerg Klingenfuss has been producing HF frequency lists for professional and hobby users for many years and his lists remain the most accessible and comprehensive ones available.”


Best wishes, Joerg Klingenfuss

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