Ultimi ascolti di Giovanni Serra di Roma

Gianni Serra – Roma-Italy (UTC +1) Equipment: JRC NRD 525 receiver; Alpha Delta DX-SWL Sloper-S antenna; RG 8 mini coaxial cable; JPS NIR 12 Noise & Interference Reducer-Dual DSP outboard audio filter; JRC NVA 319 external loudspeaker unit; Yaesu YH-77 STA stereo headphones;Oregon Scientific RM912 radio controlled clock; All times in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time); date in month/day format

Checked time after time from about 0420 till 0543 Febr.7th, but no trace of usual R.Habana Cuba on 5040 kHz (Serra,Roma,Italy)


4750 BANGLADESH R.Bangladesh Betar (p),Savar Dhaka,in Bengali 02.02.2021 1930-1946 man talk,local music break,same man talk (no much clear,presumed reading news untill 1935), brief local music break,other man talk (no much clear), woman local chant w/instrumental music (similar to Indian chant), man unclear announcement, slow music break, other man talk w/reverberation, slow music break, man talk briefly,another music break, woman unclear talk, again man brief talk,other man talk;better in ssb, ceaseless rapid qsb, strong qrn,poor/almost fair;from 1937 qrm lite co-channel presumed China Nat.Radio talking in Chinese for some minutes,then owerwhelmed by R.Bangladesh (Serra,Roma,Italy)

4800 CHINA P.R.CNR 1,Ge’ermu/Golmud,in Chinese 01.26.2021 0213-0227 woman/man talk in turns till 0215,some children and a woman chatting briefly,brief slow music break, woman/man talk in turns, brief man announcement and continuing w/man Radio host talking and interviewing other man,music break,man brief announcement,woman talk,brief song,man/woman talk; better in ssb, ceaseless rapid qsb (no much deep),strong qrn,almost fair/poor;in // 7230 (via Xian-Xianyang) poor (Serra,Roma,Italy)

3929.98 CLANDESTINE V.o.the People,via South Korea (t) 02.02.2021 1854-1904 local slow chant and music; audible in ssb only, ceaseless rapid qsb, strong qrn,barely audible w/brief audio up and mostly down (Serra,Roma,Italy)

4760 ESWATINI TWR Africa,Manzini/Mpangela Ranch,in listed Ndau 02.07.2021 0409-0415* woman/man talk,children’s chant,man talk with final amen,another brief children’s chant,other man brief final announcement mentioning Trans World Radio,one IS tune,carrier wave only for some seconds and s/off at 0415:43″ as scheduled; better in ssb (qrm lite het in Usb),ceaseless rapid qsb,moderate qrn rustle w/ lite crackles at times,almost good (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5009.92 MADAGASCAR R.Madagasikara (pres.),Ambohidrano/Sabotsy,in unid Lang 01.24.2021 1827-1843 man unclear talk,(presumed other man talk at times) untill 1833,brief song,man unclear talk till 1837,local chant w/instrumental music,man unclear talk,brief local chant or music,same man talk;heard better in ssb w/ and w/out Nir 12, ceaseless rapid qsb (no much deep),strong qrn rustle,very poor/poor at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5995 MALI R.Mali,Bamako,in French 02.05.2021 2233-2250 man local current politic affairs news (ment. Mali), w/local politic man talk at times,from about 2237 continuing w/ woman and then man reading local politic news and current affairs, w/ some local politics’brief speech (w/some ment.Mali),and a brief music break at about 2242; better in ssb, ceaseless rapid qsb (no much deep), strong qrn rustle,fair/almost fair at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

11549.98 NORTHERN MARIANA ISL. R.Free Asia, Saipan/Agingan Point,in listed Korean 02.05.2021 1705-1724 woman/man talk in turns,w/other man/woman talk briefly,very brief tune break at 1717,continuing w/woman talk program; better in ssb, ceaseless rapid qsb no much deep,strong qrn rustle,poor/very poor and almost fair at times/no audio briefly at times;in // 9984.98 (same site) better in ssb,rapid qsb, moderate qrn rustle, poor or almost fair depending by qrm buzz noise (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6279.96 PIRATE (Europe) Unid Pirate Radio 02.07.2021 0457-0511 music and songs w/ man dj talking at times; better in ssb,lite rapid qsb,strong qrn rustle,poor/very poor/audio up and down the qrn threshold at times; from 0503 very strong qrm het overwhelmed broadcast till 0506;then listened again with poor/very poor audio (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6205.01 PIRATE (Europe) Laser Hot Hits (p),in English 01.30.2021 2115-2128 rock and pop songs,w/man dj talk at outro (mostly unclear);better in ssb,ceaseless rapid qsb (no much deep),strong qrn rustle,almost fair/poor at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5780 PIRATE (Europe) Harmony R.(p) 02.05.2021 2159-2216 non stop slow old romantic songs untill 2206, then carrier wave only for about 1 minute,again with slow old songs and music,w/man dj unclear brief talk after first track; better in ssb, ceaseless slow qsb, strong qrn rustle (stronger when fading), almost fair/poor when fading (Serra,Roma,Italy)

4965 ZAMBIA Voice of Hope Africa,Makeni Ranch,in English 01.31.2021 1756-1810 man unclear talk,slow music pause,man talk (mostly unclear); better in ssb,ceaseless rapid qsb (no much deep) strong qrn rustle,poor/ very poor/barely audible; // 6065 (same site) w/ lite rapid shallow qsb,lite qrn,good till 1800,then qrm strong splats by China Radio Int.in Russian on 6070 kHz; almost fair/poor at times.(Serra,Roma,Italy)

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