Gianni Serra – Roma-Italy (UTC +1) Equipment: JRC NRD 525 — Sony ICF 2001D (when stated); Alpha Delta DX-SWL Sloper-S antenna; RG 8 mini coaxial cable; JPS NIR 12 Noise & Interference Reducer-Dual DSP audio filter; JRC NVA 319 external speaker unit; Yaesu YH-77 STA stereo headphones


5940.02 BRAZIL Rádio Voz Missionária,Camboriú SC,in Portuguese 03.01.2023 0302-0326 man unclear talk w/ Braz accent,man unclear chat w/ some women (phone calls),from 0307 overwhelmed for about 2 minutes by qrm strong splats from 5935 kHz,at 0317 a woman sung a vocal chant,continuing talk and chat by man w/ some women and men; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid no deep qsb,strong qrn rustle,very poor/barely audible,no audio at times; in // 9665 almost fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

9665 BRAZIL Rádio Voz Missionária,Camboriú SC,in Portuguese 03.01.2023 0328-0340 man long talk ment Voz Missionária,until 0332:27″,other man long enhanced announcement above music,other two men w/ some brief excited talk and hysteric screams,music pause,man brief announcement,slow chants and man Radio host talk; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid qsb,strong qrn rustle,almost fair/poor; in // 5940.02 very poor/barely audible/no audio at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

10460 CLANDESTINE Unidentified Radio in USB, in Russian 03.05.2023 1734-1753* man talk till 1752 (ment patriota,Ukraina,da da da,Ukrayski etc) above and interspersed several times by other unclear men low tone voices and music in background,end tx at 1753 and shifted to 10465 kHz in USB w/ same kind of broadcast; good w/ loud audio and moderate qrn for both frequencies (Serra,Roma,Italy)

10460 CLANDESTINE Unidentified Radio in USB, in Russian 03.02.2023 1807-1830 playing techno music,man long talk (ment Ukraina),other man w/ long speech (ment Ukraine,Chechnya etc),at 1813 woman long speech above some lite music (ment Ukrainia,Putin etc),very brief song,another man speech above lite music, w/ some men and women talk on the road at times (many ment Ukraina etc),then interview to a man,brief local song and music pause, two men w/ long talk in turns (ment Putin,Ukrainia,propaganda etc),w/some men on the road talk; very good w/ very loud audio (on Kris reported this is an anti Russian broadcast,ment Slava Ukraina <Glory Ukraine>) (Serra,Roma,Italy)

4939.99 COLOMBIA or VENEZUELA Unknown Radio,in Spanish 03.09.2023 0415-0431 playing some songs, man unclear talk (p) after first track; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid qsb,strong qrn rustle,very poor/ barely audible/poor (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5920.02 GERMANY HCJB Deutsch,Weenermoor,in German 02.27.2023 1751-1805 played some slow religious chants,at 1801 man talk for about one minute w/ final amen,rel chant; non stop rapid no deep qsb w/ moderate rustle qrn,fair/almost good in usb/lsb sync; in // 3995 kHz poor/almost fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

3939.97 PIRATE (Europe) Mike Radio,in English 03.07.2023 1921-1932 slow pop songs,w/ man dj brief announcement and ID at times (this is Mike Radio….Mike Radio); better in usb/lsb sync,several rapid and deep qsb per minute,moderate qrn rustle,fair/almost good (Serra,Roma,Italy)

3941.96 PIRATE (Europe) Mike Radio,in English 03.08.2023 1821-1835 playing rock,pop dance etc songs,man dj IDs at times (“Mike,Mike,Mike Radio” – “…more music…go Mike!”); better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid qsb,moderate qrn rustle,fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

4871.99 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Zender Akenzo (t) 03.03.2023 2008-2041 playing disco pop,folk,pop,rock songs,techno music,from 2020 man dj unclear talk (Dutch?) briefly in between the songs at times; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid qsb,strong qrn,almost fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5099.89 PIRATE (Europe) Unidentified Radio 03.03.2023 1945-1955* playing some folk music,pulled plug at 1955; better in usb sync,non stop slow no deep qsb,strong qrn,poor/very poor/barely audible/ no audio at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5800 PIRATE (Europe) Mike Radio,in English/Dutch 03.09.2023 1756-1834 playing pop,rock,reggae,synthpop etc songs and music (Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights,The Beatles’ While my Guitar Gently Weeps,Michael Jackson,Bad Boys Blue’s Gimme Gimme Your Lovin’,etc), man dj IDs w/ brief and longer announcement at times in English and Dutch (“This is Mike Radio..” – “….go Mike!”); rapid qsb at times,moderate qrn increased from about 1820,good in usb/lsb sync w/ loud audio (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5879.96 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Rock Revolution 03.11.2023 1744-1815 playing rock songs,man dj brief unclear talk after a track,IDs in hoarse voice at 1813; better in usb sync,qrm lite splats (sometimes stronger),non stop rapid qsb,strong qrn rustle,almost fair/poor/very poor/no audio at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5879.98 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Rock Revolution (p) 03.04.2023 2312-2327 playing rock songs,man dj unclear talk after first track; better in usb sync w/ inter filter to almost avoid strong qrm splats,non stop rapid qsb,strong qrn,poor/ from 2317 sometimes almost fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6204.96 PIRATE (Europe) Mike Radio,in English/Dutch 02.28.2023 1847-1900* playing various kind of rock songs and music,at about 1853 man dj ment something in English w/ unid ID cause enhanced voice too loud,woman w/ clear ID at 1855:26″ above music (Mike,Mike,Mike Radio!),woman final announcement w/some IDs in Dutch and English (…Mike Radio dot N L ) and pulled plug at 1900*; continuous lite rapid qsb,lite qrn,good/almost good in am w/ loud audio (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6274.96 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Statusholder (p) 03.05.2023 1815-1826:52″* playing folk,pop,songs,folk music and a mellow song broken off by sudden s/off at 1826:52″; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid qsb,strong qrn rustle,fair (ID same day at 1748 by Ray Lalleu on (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6284.89 PIRATE (Europe) Unidentified Radio 03.02.2023 2048-2104 playing pop,rock songs only; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid no deep qsb,moderate to strong qrn,brief qrm throbbing jamming at times,fair/almost fair/poor at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6289.89 PIRATE (Europe) Unidentified Radio 02.25.2023 2031-2102 playing only slow mellow pop songs,some light music,jazz songs etc; almost good/sometimes good in am w/loud audio,lite qrn rustle (moderate at times) and almost steady signal; from 2058:47″ qrm throbbing jamming for about 20 seconds (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6289.89 PIRATE (Europe) Unidentified Radio 02.28.2023 1832-1846 playing fine jazz music,one jazz song and slow lounge music; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid no deep qsb,moderate qrn,fair/almost good (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6289.89 PIRATE (Europe) Unidentified Radio 03.07.2023 1905-1920 played only Greek slow pop songs; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid qsb,strong qrn rustle,fair/almost good (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6300.02 PIRATE (Europe) Unidentified Radio 02.27.2023 2011-2033 playing various pop songs only; fair/almost fair in usb sync w/ inter filter to avoid a high tone loud buzz qrn (otherwise poor),non stop lite rapid qsb and moderate/strong qrm (Serra,Roma,Italy)

4765 TAJIKISTAN Tajik Radio 1,Dushanbe Yangiyul,in Tajik 02.24.2023 2312-2331 woman interviewed man for about one minute,two typical local chants w/ instrument music,from 2318 woman announcement followed by man brief talk,continuing w/ interview by woman Radio host to another man talk alot until 2325:53″,local chorus chants,woman brief announcement,local chant;better in usb sync,non stop rapid qsb,moderate qrn,fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

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