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Di seguito sono elencati gli ultimi ascolti ordinati dal più recente al più vecchio. D’altra parte, gli ascolti scaduti possono essere letti sulla pagina di ascolti precedenti.

Ascolti effettuati da Giovanni Serra Roma dal 29 Agosto al 12 Settembre 2021

4924.97 BRAZIL Rádio Educação Rural,Tefé AM,in Portuguese (relaying Radio Aparecida) 09.06.2021 0215-0230 ongoing slow local songs till 0226, man/woman unclear talk; audible in ssb only, w/ audio up and down the qrn threshold;strong qrn,non stop rapid qsb,barely audible/very poor w/ fair carrier wave; in // < > and Radio Aparecida: < > (Serra,Roma,Italy)

4939.99 COLOMBIA La Montana (p),in Spanish,Maicao 08.29.2021 0251-0303 LA ballad, woman unclear talk at times above slow music, man/unclear talk w/ Spanish accent,w/ woman brief talk and slow music pause at times; non stop rapid qsb,very strong qrn,very poor/barely audible at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5014.94 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Deltracks (p) 09.12.2021 0433-0450 ongoing rock,synth pop etc songs (Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams), w/ man dj very brief announcement; better in ssb,strong qrn,non stop rapid qsb, almost fair/poor/very poor w/ audio up and down the qrm threshold, and vice versa (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5018.94 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Deltracks (p) 08.29.2021 0433-0448 playing disco pop etc songs,w/ man dj unclear talk at times; non stop rapid qsb,strong qrn,lite/moderate qrm splashes by 5025 kHz R Rebelde, poor/very poor/audio up and down the qrn threshold briefly at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5040 INDIA AIR (t),Jeypore,in unid Lang 09.11.2021 1726-1736 music,man brief announcement,woman talk (all unclear), music pause, one time signal at 1730,unclear woman/man talk until 1736 (presumed news),then faint carrier wave only;better in ssb,non stop rapid qsb, very strong qrn,very poor/poor at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5825 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Continental,in presumed Dutch 09.10.2021 1725-1752 playing some music and then folk,rock,disco etc songs (Scott McKenzie’s San Francisco etc),interspersed by man dj brief or longer talk, but no much clear,mentioned ID at 1732, woman announcer at times; better in ssb,strong qrn,poor/almost fair at times; at 1737 frequency shifted to 5824.99 kHz (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5915 ZAMBIA Zambia NBC Radio 1,Lusaka,in unid Lang 09.07.2021 2049-2109 very long typical local humdrum instrumental music w/ some tribal chants at times (till 2101),man unclear talk for about two minutes (news ?), local humdrum music (till 2105), man unclear talk; better in ssb (with Nir 12 when talking),non stop rapid qsb,strong qrn,poor/very poor (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5939.22 BRAZIL Rádio Voz Missionária,Camboriú SC,in Portuguese 09.07.2021 0036-0058 man sermon w/ screaming voice at times (no much clear),then chanting and continuing religious sermon (alleluia), w/ some slow music in background at intros; better in Lsb w/ inter filter,non stop rapid qsb,moderate qrn,qrm lite to stronger splat from WWCR on 5935 kHz, poor to very poor,no audio at times for strong splashes; in // < > (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5995 MALI R.Mali,Bamako 09.04.2021 2156-2206 ongoing typical local humdrum chants w/ percussions sound; non stop rapid qsb,moderate qrn,fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6185 UNIDENTIFIED Unid Radio (Radio Piepzender in Netherlands ?) 09.10.2021 1708-1716 playing some pop songs until 1715,then carrier wave on only; better in ssb,non stop rapid and no deep qsb,moderate qrn, fair/almost good (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6230.30 PIRATE (Europe) BZN Radio (p) 09.04.2021 1954-2019 playing slow pop songs,man/woman brief unclear talk at times; better in ssb,non stop rapid and no deep qsb,strong qrn,poor (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6319.99 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Joey (p) 09.11.2021 1843-1904 beating non stop techno music only;better in Lsb,non stop qsb a bit slow,strong qrn,poor/almost fair at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6944.86 PIRATE (Europe) Zeppelin Radio (p) 09.04.2021 2021-2046 ongoing oldie songs only; better in ssb,non stop rapid qsb,strong qrn rustle,poor/almost fair in ssb at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

7245 NEW ZEALAND Radio New Zealand Pacific,Rangitaiki,in English 09.11.2021 0622-0650 music program «Saturday Night» hosted by man talking no much clear after one or two fine songs; better in ssb,non stop rapid qsb,moderate to strong qrn rustle,almost fair/poor;in // < > w/ some seconds of delay; (New Zealand is the farthest Country from Italy) (Serra,Roma,Italy)


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Ascolti Effettuati da Giovanni Serra (Roma) dal 31 Luglio al 21 Agosto 2021

4765 TAJIKISTAN Tajik Radio 1,Dushanbe Yangi-Yul,in Tajik 08.01.2021 1838-1857 typical local chants w/ instrumental music, woman talk (no much clear) after each track, man unclear talk from 1855, with some local music breaks; better in ssb, non stop rapid qsb (no much deep), strong qrn, poor/almost fair at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

4855.06 PIRATE (Europe) Unidentified Radio 08.06.2021 2008-2038 ongoing rap,rock,disco etc songs (Earth,Wind & Fire’s Let’s Groove), man dj brief unclear talk very rarely; better in usb to avoid lite qrm splats, non stop rapid qsb, strong qrn, poor/almost fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

4864.99 PIRATE (Europe) Mystery Radio Twenty One,in English 07.31.2021 2256-2317 playing various kinds of songs (pop,techno pop), w/ man dj brief enhanced talk w/ ID at times, woman ID at 2315; better in ssb, non stop rapid and no deep qsb,strong qrn,almost fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5799.98 PIRATE (Europe) Mike Radio,in English 08.15.2021 1848-1852:53″ playing a song, man dj enhanced talk above some music on and off,mentioned Mike Radio at times,from The Netherlands,thank you for listening,then pulled the plug at 1852:53″; lite rapid qsb and qrn rustle,good (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5844.94 CLANDESTINE Nihon no Kaze (p) in listed Korean / from 1800 Furusato no Kaze (p) in listed Japanese,via Uzbekistan 08.20.2021 1753-1824 ongoing pop songs till 1759,woman talk also above slow music pause, poss IS and woman presumed ID at 1800 (not well caught),continuing woman talk above slow music, man talk w/ slow music in background till 1808, brief woman announcements and music pause, other woman brief talk above song intro,two slow songs,w/woman brief announcement and music break after first track,then talking w/ slow music in background; better in ssb,non stop rapid qsb,moderate qrn, fair/almost good at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5879.99 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Rock Revolution 08.17.2021 2030-2047 ongoing rock songs, man dj ID w/ hoarse voice at 2040; better in ssb, non stop rapid qsb, moderate to strong qrn, almost fair/poor (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5880.01 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Rock Revolution (p) in English 08.15.2021 0331-0408 ongoing hard rock, rock and pop songs,man dj very brief talk at times after a song (mostly unclear); non stop slow and no deep qsb; from few minutes past 0400 non stop rapid and no deep qsb, strong qrn rustle;poor/almost fair to very poor when fading and vice versa/from around 0400 very poor audio up and down the qrn threshold (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5995 MALI Radio Mali,Bamako 08.16.2021 2022-2037 ongoing typical local singsong chants w/ percussion instruments sound; better in Lsb,non stop rapid qsb,strong qrn,poor/almost fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6115 CONGO Radio Congo (t) Brazzaville in listed French 08.15.2021 1827-1840 woman/man unclear talk in turns w/ French accent (till 1832),no audio for about two minutes, barely audible talk w/ audio up and down the qrn threshold; better in Lsb, non stop rapid qsb,strong qrn rustle w/ moderate crackles at times,very poor/poor at times/barely audible (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6184.97 NETHERLANDS Radio Piepzender,Zwolle,in Dutch 08.21.2021 2102-2134 playing folk,pop,rock,disco songs, man dj ID, brief announcement at times after a track (no much clear); better in Lsb w/ inter filter,non stop rapid qsb, moderate qrn in increasing, moderate/stronger at times qrm splats,poor/almost fair at times; in // 3919.99 (w/ some seconds of delay) better in ssb, strong qrn, poor/almost fair at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6289.96 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Ronalisa (p) 08.13.2021 1738-1756 playing various songs and music, man dj brief unclear talk at 1741 and at 1753; non stop rapid and no deep qsb, strong qrn rustle, barely audible/poor at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

9635 MALI Radio Mali, Bamako,in listed Bambara 08.08.2021 0803-0825 typical local music and chant, w/ man talk twice briefly into long speech (ment Mali) till 0815, women and men chanting w/ local drums sound for about two minutes,another long speech by same man; better in ssb, non stop rapid qsb, strong qrn rustle, poor/almost fair at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)


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