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Di seguito sono elencati gli ultimi ascolti ordinati dal più recente al più vecchio. D’altra parte, gli ascolti scaduti possono essere letti sulla pagina di ascolti precedenti.

Ascolti effettuati da Giovanni Serra di Roma

3989.97 CHINA P.R. PBS Xinjiang (p), Urumqi, in listed Uyghur 4.10.2021 1747-1800* two lively Middle East like chants w/ instrumental music, one slow pop song, Far East song, local slow music pause w/ woman brief announcement,continuing music pause, local song,S/off at 1800:21″; ceaseless rapid and no deep qsb,lite/moderate qrn rustle when fading, good in ssb w/ strong signal and audio (Serra,Roma,Italy)

4775.04 PERU Radio Tarma,Tarma,in Spanish 04.09.2021 0049-0124 outro of typical Andean song,local slow music pause w/ man frequency quote,ID (Radio Tarma,República del Perú….), and talk briefly, music program Onda Tropical de Oro, w/local lively songs, presented by same man talking after tracks,w/ local slow music pause,frequencies quote and IDs at times (Radio Tarma, en Tarma Perú,América del Sur), at 0120 woman talk above slow music, other brief announcements above music, continuing w/ music program;better in ssb, non stop rapid qsb, moderate qrn rustle in ssb w/ some moderate crackles, fair/almost good w/ S 9+5+ of peak (Serra,Roma,Italy)

4775.04 PERU R.Tarma,Tarma,in Spanish 04.18.2021 0143-0203* local song, local slow music pause and man brief announcement w/ clear ID twice and tropical frequency quote, continuing program «Música Tropical Andina», w/ two long typical lively songs till 0159,brief music pause,man final announcement w/ IDs and frequencies quote, slow song until some seconds past 0202, then carrier wave on only till 0203:46″; better in Lsb to avoid hiss, ceaseless rapid waving and no deep qsb, strong qrn, fair/almost good at times w/ loud audio (Serra,Roma,Italy)

4870 PIRATE (Europe) Mystery Radio 21,in English 04.04.2021 2045-2112 a selection of pop,reggae,techno etc. songs and music,w/ brief man dj announcement and ID after each track or above intros (This is Mystery Radio twenty one; your are listening the Mystery 21); almost steady signal w/ strong audio,good; from 2049 better in ssb,ceaseless rapid qsb w/strong qrn rustle w/ some crackles at times, almost fair/fair to good and vice versa at times;(Serra,Roma,Italy)

5995 MALI R. Mali, Bamako,in listed Bambara 04.04.2021 2152-2217 man talk (laughing briefly at times),at 2155 two men talk briefly in turns,local instrumental singsong chant by woman, until some seconds to 2200 UTC, man excited talk and chatting w/other man (laughing briefly at times) till 2208:48″, woman singsong chant w/typical local instrumental music till 2214;49″, same man excited chat w/ other man brief talk at times; better in ssb, ceaseless rapid qsb (no much deep), moderate qrn rustle (stronger when fading),fair/almost fair at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6050 ECUADOR HCJB Kichwa,Pico Pichincha,in Spanish and from 0130 in Quechua 04.10.2021 0119-0156 woman talk,music break,man talk (both unclear), music break, other man announcement, continuing w/some men talk program,man talk above slow music and then long sermon in Quechua (no much clear) till 0144, woman/ man announcements w/ some music sound, typical local instrumental music,man unclear talk (clear ID in streaming only),local slow chant w/instrumental music, man/woman talk in turns above some slow music,then man with another sermon; better in ssb,non stop and no deep rapid qsb,strong qrn rustle,very poor/poor; in // < > and < > both with some seconds of delay (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6175 UNIDENTIFIED Unid Radio,in unidentified Language 04.11.2021 0454-0500* someone unclear talking slowly until about 0500,brief slow piano music chord, s/off at around 0500; better in Lsb, strong qrn rustle,very poor audio w/ faint signal (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6184.97 MEXICO XEPPM-OC Radio Educación – Cultura México Señal Internacional (p),Mexico City,in Spanish 04.09.2021 0141-0227 music program w/ slow songs and music,woman unclear talk with Spanish accent after each track; better in ssb,non stop rapid and no deep qsb,strong qrn rustle, poor/very poor at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6184.97 MEXICO XEPPM-OC Radio Educación – Cultura México Señal Internacional (p),Mexico City,in Spanish 04.18.2021 0227-0248 some slow songs,woman and man unclear talk, slow music pause, man unclear talk,barely audible slow music or chant; better in ssb, non stop rapid qsb,strong qrn rustle; at 0227 caught carrier wave only for about one minute,then barely audible audio/very poor/poor at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6284.95 PIRATE (Europe) KR1 Radio,in English 04.14.2021 1802-1832 a selection of country,pop,oldies, disco etc songs, w/man dj brief talk above outros,intros,above and after track (no much clear),mentioned clear ID at 1817 (This is K R One) and other man enhanced ID at 1822,woman talk at times (mostly unclear); better in ssb,rapid waving qsb (no much deep),strong qrn rustle, poor/almost fair/fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6284.97 PIRATE (Europe) Unidentified Radio, in unknown Language 04.15.2021 1852-1905* techno music till around 1854,then carrier wave on only and s/ off at 1854:20″, again s/ on some seconds past 1855 and continuing with pop beat music till 1900, man brief announcement in unknown language, continuing same pop beat music loop w/ audio on and off at times,S/off at 1905:21″; ceaseless rapid qsb w/ lite/moderate qrn, good in ssb w/ strong audio and signal 9+20+ of peak (Serra, Roma,Italy)

6985 PIRATE (Europe) The Vault, in English 04.04.2021 2116-2150 a selection of music,hard rock,rock,pop songs (Simon & Garfunkel’s Mrs Robinson),techno music,w/man brief announcement w/ ID at times after track (Yes, it’s the Vault);better in ssb, ceaseless rapid qsb w/ strong qrn rustle, poor/very poor/no audio at times and vice versa; from 2122 louder audio (increased TX power?),almost fair/poor at times w/slow qsb (no much deep) (Serra,Roma,Italy)

7760.01 PIRATE (Europe) Radio JVG (t) 04.10.2021 1657-1720 ongoing slow songs only; better in ssb, strong qrn rustle, signal and audio up and down the qrn threshold; very poor/poor at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

9664.90 BRAZIL R. Voz Missionária,Camboriú SC,in Portuguese 04.12.2021 1912-1942 slow choral chant,man unclear talk w/ Braz. accent above slow music, slow songs w/long musical intros, man brief talk above a chant,brief slow chorus chant,man mentioning few words,slow choral song; heard better in usb w/ inter filter to avoid strong splats waving signal rapidly, moderate qrn,lite het, very poor/poor; in // < > w/ some seconds of delay (Serra,Roma,Italy)

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Ascolti effettuati da Giampiero Bernardini di Milano

3955 3/4 0005 Radio Channel 292, Rohrbach Germany, songs EE, good
4775.03 9/4 0000 Radio Tarma, Peru, SS, songs weak // streaming
4840 3/4 0000 WWCR, Nashville, TN USA, talks EE, fair
4870 2/4 2350 Radio Mistery 21, pirate, songs, fair
4875 8/4 2235 Radio Mistery 21, pirate, songs, ids EE, fair
4885 9/4 0006 Radio Clube do Parà, Brazil, PP, talks fair
4895 3/4 1827 Mike Radio, Heerde, Netherlands talks EE many ids, end bc, carrier off 1835 fair good5010 9/4 0009 AWR, Okeechobee, FL USA, SS songs talks, fair
5025 9/4 0015 Radio Rebelde, Cuba, SS talks about economics, good
5040 9/4 0012 Radio Habana Cuba, talks in Creole, fair good5850 3/4 0010 Radio Slovakia Int. Okeechobee, FL USA, slovak program, fair
5895 3/4 1815 Radio Northern Star, Bergen, Norway, songs, weak with fading //streaming
5915 8/4 2225 Radio Zambia, Lusaka, long talks, music, Vn weak fair //streaming
5915 3/4 0015 Myanmar Radio, talks Burmese, weak
5930 3/4 1810 World Music Radio, Bramming, Denmark, usual nice songs prg, fair
5950 3/4 0025 Prophecy Club, via WRMI FL USA, religious talks, EE, good
5970 8/4 2215 Radio 208, Copenhagen Hvidovre, Denmark, songs, fair
5970 3/4 0030 WEWN Vandiver, AL USA, SS talks, fair
5995 3/4 1805 RTV du Mali, talks in Vn, Afro songs, good6000 3/4 0034 Radio Habana Cuba, EE, Cuban songs talks, air
6005 9/4 0830 Radio Ukraine Int. Kall Krekel Germany, bc in German, fair good
6005 7/4 1130 Radio Slovakia Int, Kall Krekel, Germany, French program, good
6065 3/4 1800 Voice of Hope Africa, Zambia, EE, religious talks, weak fair
6070 11/4 1024 Valley FM, Rohrbach Germany, EE talks oldies, fair good
6085 7/4 1105 Radio Mi Amigo, Kall Krekel, Germany, ids, songs, fair6130 11/4 0800 Radio Casanova Pirate Netherlands, songs, many ids also in Italian, Dutch, fair
6134.81 3/4 0040 Radio Aparecida, Brazil, religious songs, PP fair
6140 3/4 1750 Radio Onda, Borculo Netherland, songs no stop also Brazilians, fair
6170 3/4 1740 Radio New Zealand Pacific, EE, talks, weak

6180 12/4 1715 Radio Andorra, via Moosbrunn Austria, special event tribute, FF songs, very good

6185 3/4 0047 Radio Educacion Mexico, SS talks, weak

6985 2/4 2320 The Vault, pirate, nice songs, EE, fair good
7305 3/4 0100 Radio Vaticana, Greenville NC USA, start Portuguese program, good
7490 3/4 0105 WBCQ Monticello ME USA, talks EE, weak fair
7505 3/4 0109 WRNO New Orleans, LA USA, religious talks, good
7850 3/4 0114 CHU Ottawa, ON Canada, time pips, ids FF & EE, good

9265 3/4 0130 WINB Red Lion PA USA, songs, EE, fair
9310 12/4 1700 Deewa Radio VOA, Ban Dung, Thailand, Pastho, reports, good
9330 12/4 1705 WBCQ Worlds Last Chance, Monticello ME USA, EE, talks, good
9385 6/4 0845 WEWN Vandiver AL USA, religious talks, EE, off at 0855 good

9395 3/4 0120 RAE Argentina al Mundo, via WRMI, USA, EE program, fair
9495 3/4 0122 Radio Republica, via Issoudun France to Cuba, politics SS, fair
9510 28/3 1100-1130 AWR Wave Scan, Saftica Romania, History of radio in Australia and New Zealand & DX news, EE, good

9610 11/4 0900 AWR, Nauen Germany, Italian, Obiettivo DX by R. Scaglione, very good
9650 3/4 0116 Radio Habana Cuba, SS, interview, fair //9535 good
9664.91 9/4 0019 Radio Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, Brazil, relious talks PP, great id, fair

11530 6/4 0855 Radio Denge Welat, Maiac, Pridnestrovie, music, news in Kurdish, good
11645 2/4 1715 Voice of Korea, Kuyang North Korea, usual songs, weak

11720 3/4 1725 Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Virrat, songs, talks Finnish, fair with fading

11769.89 6/4 0803 Voice of Nigeria, Abuja, English (presumed!), poor with low modulation

11805 12/4 1630 AWR, Trincomalee Sri Lanka, Pashto prg talks and songs, good
11860 7/4 1215 Rep. Yemen Radio Sanaa, via Saudi Arabia, AA, songs, weak fair
11885 12/4 1636 Voice of Vietnam, Hanoi-Son Tay, Russian program, good
11900 7/4 1222 Reach Beyond Australia, Kununnurra Australia, Hindi service, talks, songs Fair
12015 12/4 1643 Voice of Korea, Kuyang North Korea, songs, mx, German, good

15030 7/4 1228 AIR, Bengaluru India, songs, talks Swahili, fair good
15160 9/4 0857 KBS World Radio, Kimjae South Korea, identification loop, start Korean, fair
15245 6/4 0825 Voice of Korea, Kujang, North Korea, music, talks in Russian, weak
15290 6/4 0830 Radio Japan NHK WS, Issoudun, France, talks Japanese, jazz, fair

15450 11/4 0927 FEBC, Iba Philippinas, loop id and start in Mongolian, fair
15455 6/4 0835 Radio France Int. Issoudun, talks in African language, fair
15460 3/4 1709 VOA Pinheira, afro mx talks in African lang. weak fair

15500 7/4 1135 AWR Station KSDA, Agat Guam, talks in Asian language, fair
15515 6/4 0838 Radio Kuwait, Arabic talks, weak fair fading
15540 12/4 1650 Radio Kuwait, Hurdu program, songs news, very good
15580 3/4 1706 VOA Mopeng Hill, Botswana, EE, talks about US politics, good

15605 11/4 1014 Radio Vaticana, S. Maria di Galeria, classical mx, fair //15575
15610 7/4 114o AWR Station KSDA, Agat Guam, talks in Asian lang. (reported Shan), fair good
15770 3/4 1703 Supreme Master TV, Okeechobee, FL USA, reports EE, fair
15825 3/4 1700 WWCR Nashville TN USA, talks EE, fair good

Giampiero Bernardini

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Ascolti effettuati da Gianni Serra a Roma dal 20 al 27 Marzo 2021

Gianni Serra – Roma-Italy (UTC +1)(DST: UTC +2)  Equipment: JRC NRD 525 receiver; Alpha Delta DX-SWL Sloper-S antenna; RG 8 mini coaxial cable; JPS NIR 12 Noise & Interference Reducer-Dual DSP outboard audio filter; JRC NVA 319 external loudspeaker unit; Yaesu YH-77 STA stereo headphones; Oregon Scientific RM912 radio controlled clock; All times in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time); date in month/day format

I was very impressed by the sudden passing of George Zeller. My Euro Pirate loggings are dedicated in his memory.


4775.04 PERU R.Tarma,Tarma,in Spanish 03.20/21.2021 2305-0010 woman/man talk (mostly unclear),»Música Folklórica», w/typical local lively music and songs,w/brief music break and man brief announcement at 2344; at 2348 man unclear talk for about one minute, continuing w/lively music program, some men advertising (mentioned Tarma), one phone ring w/woman «Hallo ?» and continuing music program,at 0001 man enhanced frequencies quote and ID (Radio Tarma !),lively song; better in ssb,ceaseless rapid qsb,strong qrn rustle w/moderate crackles at times, poor/almost fair at times;in // < > and < > (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5015 PIRATE (Europe) Deltracks Radio (t), Netherlands 03.20.2021 2244-2307 ongoing hard rock music and songs,and one pop song (Céline Dion’s My heart will go on); better in ssb, strong qrn rustle w/ moderate crackles,very poor to fair and vice versa at times;signal mostly steady w/ audio up and down the qrn threshold at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5060 CHINA P.R. PBS Xinjiang,Urumqi,in Chinese 03.27.2021 2328-2346 man/woman chatting, w/ other woman/man announcements above music (presumed advertising) at times,better in ssb, ceaseless rapid qsb, strong qrn rustle,fair; in // 3950,5960,7309.98 (same site) (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5789.99 PIRATE (Europe) Radio 319 (p),in presumed English 03.25.2021 1820-1842* a selection of rock etc.songs,w/man dj unclear talk after every track,s/ off at about 1842; better in usb, rapid qrn (no much deep), audio up and down the strong qrn threshold at times,qrm one brief strong beep sound at times (apparently someone playing with CW key), poor/very poor/no audio at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6070 PIRATE (Europe) R.Waves International (via R.Channel 292,Rohrbach Waal,Germany),in English/French 03.20.2021 0847-0900 some slow pop songs,one folk music and one folk song,w/ man dj ID in English (This is Radio Waves International!) and talk in French after each track,some seagulls mewing with other birds chirpings at 0900,man brief announcement,music pause,then relayed Texas Radio Shortwave;ceaseless rapid qsb (no much deep),strong qrn rustle,almost fair/fair at times in ssb (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6070 PIRATE (Europe) Texas Radio Shortwave (via R.Channel 292,Rohrbach Waal,Germany),in English, 03.20.2021 0900-0951 woman/man announcements w/ID, then playing a selection of fine pop songs, w/ man dj ID (You are listening Texas Radio Shortwave), and ID at times after a track (You are listening the international service of Texas Radio Shortwave) followed by woman brief announcement; better in ssb,ceaseless rapid qsb (no much deep),strong qrn rustle,fair/almost fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6269.98 PIRATE (Europe) R.Continental (t) 03.26.2021 *2112-2130 sudden s/on,followed by a selection of a disco music song,ballads and folk songs,w/man dj brief unclear talk at times; slow qsb at times (no much deep), moderate qrn rustle (stronger when fading) good to poor/very poor/no audio and vice versa (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6279.94 PIRATE (Europe) R.Number One International,in English 03.26.2021 2145- playing a miscellany of rock, pop,folk etc.songs and music, w/ man dj often talk briefly above tracks, other man enhanced announcements and mentioning «this is Radio Number One International», woman unclear announcement at times w/ possible ID; (…I fell asleep on my office armchair while listening songs;then I woke up at around 2230 w/ signal off); better in ssb,slow qsb at times, moderate qrn rustle (stronger when fading),almost good to poor/very poor briefly and vice versa (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6944.88 PIRATE (Europe) Zeppelin Radio,in English 03.26.2021 2044-2056* fanfare music and a selection of pop music and a movie theme, w/ man dj talk with ID at times (this is Zeppelin Radio),carrier wave on only some seconds past 2055, and s/off at about 2056; better in ssb, poor to almost fair and vice versa w/audio up and down the strong qrn threshold at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)


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