Di seguito sono elencati gli ultimi ascolti ordinati dal più recente al più vecchio. D’altra parte, gli ascolti scaduti possono essere letti sulla pagina degli ascolti precedenti.

Ascolti effettuati da Gianni Serra da Roma dal 5 al 20 Luglio 2024

Gianni Serra – Roma-Italy (DST UTC +2) Equipment: JRC NRD 525 — Sony ICF 2001D (when stated); Alpha Delta DX-SWL Sloper-S antenna for both Receivers; RG 8 mini coaxial cable; JPS NIR 12 Noise & Interference Reducer-Dual DSP audio filter; JRC NVA 319 external speaker unit; Kenwood HS-5 & Sony MDR 101 stereo headphones


4774.99 PERU Radio Tarma,Tarma,in Spanish 07.12.2024 0117-0131 (4774.990 – .991 – .990 kHz per UTwente,poor), music program Onda Tropical de Oro, w/ typical local ballads,man brief and longer unclear talk at times,presumed ment ID at 0122,woman brief unclear talk at 0123; better in usb/lsb sync,rapid fluttery qsb,strong qrn,poor/almost fair at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5014.99 PIRATE (Europe) Deltracks,in Dutch 07.16.2024 2126-2147  (5014.988 kHz per UTwente,very good), playing rock,pop rock,pop songs (John Miles: Music; The Beatles: Let it Be; etc),man and woman talk w/some women brief jingles (presumed some advertisements),man talk at times after a track; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid qsb,very strong qrn,almost fair/poor/very poor at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5034.99 PIRATE (Europe) Deltracks (p) 07.10.2024 0301-0318 (5034.995 kHz per UTwente,good),playing one rock song,one techno music and pop etc songs,woman brief unclear talk at 0315; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid qsb,moderate to strong qrn rustle and moderate crackles at times,almost good/fair/almost fair/poor at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5879.96 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Rock Revolution 07.05.2024 0325-0336 (5879.960 – .961 – .960 kHz per UTwente,fair/almost fair), playing rock,hard rock songs,man ID at 0327 and hoarsely at 0332; better in usb/lsb sync,fluttery no deep qsb,strong qrn rustle,almost fair/poor in ssb sync/very poor or poor in am (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6194.96 PIRATE (Europe) Gringo Radio,in English 07.06.2024 1831-1851 (6194.955 kHz per UTwente,very poor/poor w/ strong qrn), playing various genres of songs (rock,country,hip hop, etc.), at 1842 man dj talk for more or less half minute, continuing w/ a rock song,at 1848 men brief jingle ID (Gringooo, Gringooo) and man dj ID (The music of the Gringo),slow pop song; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid qsb w/ strong qrn,almost fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6239.99 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Batavia in English and Dutch (p) 07.14.2024 2018-2040 (6239.988 kHz per UTwente,good), playing European etc pop,rap etc songs and pop music (Guantanamera, etc),at 2020 man ID (This is Radio Batavia),at 2024 woman brief unclear announcement ment ID,at 2027 man dj unclear announcement ment some IDs; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid qsb,strong qrn rustle,almost fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6279.85 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Argus,in English 07.18.2024 2042-2057 (6279.854 kHz per UTwente,very good),playing rock,pop etc songs, man dj brief talk after each track (no much clear),clear ID at 2054 via UTwente,from 2056 carrier on only (6279.855 kHz per UTwente); better in usb/lsb sync,rapid fluttery qsb,strong qrn rustle,almost fair/poor (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6285.12 PIRATE (Europe) Weekend Music Radio (p),in English 07.20.2024 2103-2117* variable frequency (6285.122 – .110 – .125 – .140 kHz per UTwente,almost fair w/ crackles qrn),playing rock songs,pop music etc,w/ man dj talk after each track (no much clear),from 2115 carrier on only, s/ off at 2117; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid and deep qsb,strong qrn,qrm moderate cw,almost fair/poor (on HFU,ID caught by Grey Fox at 2032, by Kris at 1651 and by Ray Lalleu at 1327,same day and frequency) (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6931.12 PIRATE (Europe) Indy Radio,in Spanish 07.14.2024 0228-0241 (6931.119 – .122 kHz per UTwente,fair/poor), ongoing pop,rock,hard rock etc songs and pop music,man dj talk at times after a track (no much clear,w/ Spanish accent); better in usb/lsb sync,rapid fluttery qsb,strong qrn,almost fair/poor in ssb sync (Serra,Roma,Italy)

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Ascolti effettuati da Francesco Paroli di Buglio in Monte (Sondrio) dal 30 Giugno all’ 8 Luglio 2024

BRASILE  5940,Radio Voz Misionaria,08.07.2024,2120,sermone SINPO 33333

BRASILE  9665, Radio Voz Misionaria,08.07.2024,2110, sermone SINPO 35434

GERMANIA  3955  Radio Texas Shortwave Via Channel 292,06.07.2024,2110,musica,parlato in inglese SINPO 45444

PERU’  4775, Radio Tarma.07.07,2024,0200,musica andina,Id

SVEZIA  17.2   Grimeton Radio Station,30.06.2024,0900, ‘CQ DE SAQ SAQ THIS IS GRIMETON RADIO STATION’

VIETNAM  9730   Voice of Vietnam,Spagnolo,06.07.2024,2115, SINPO 35444

VIETNAM  11885  Voice of Vietnam,Spagnolo,06.07.2024,2120,SINPO 45444

Ricevitori ed antenne usate: Yaesu FRG7700 – Tecsun PL880 – Filare 24mt


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Ascolti effettuati da Eugenio Bertone da Novara dal 12 Giugno al 27 Giugno 2024

FRANCIA: 15290 NHK RADIO JAPAN in Giapponese.22.06.2024,1100, Radiogiornale,SINPO 44444
ROMANIA: 17780 RADIO ROMANIA INTERNATIONAL in arabo,25.06.2024,Musiche orientali,SINPO 55555
STATI UNITI: 11800 AWR RADIO MONDIALE AVVENTISTA in Francese.12.06.2024,2230, Parlato sulla religione.SINPO 44444
STATI UNITI: 17580 RADIO FREE ASIA in Tibetano,25.06.2024,1410,Programma Musicale SINPO 44444
TURCHIA: 13635 VOICE OF TURKEY in Turco,27.06.2024,1105,Radiogiornale,musica orientale SINPO 44444
VATICANO: 9795  RADIO VATICANA in inglese,12.06.2024,2245.notizie su avvenimenti sui luoghi di guerra ed altre notizie SINPO 55555
Eugenio Bertone (Novara) RX  Kenwood TS 940S
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Ascolti effettuati da Gianni Serra da Roma dal 12 Giugno al 29 Giugno 2024

Gianni Serra – Roma-Italy (DST UTC +2) Equipment: JRC NRD 525 — Sony ICF 2001D (when stated); Alpha Delta DX-SWL Sloper-S antenna for both Receivers; RG 8 mini coaxial cable; JPS NIR 12 Noise & Interference Reducer-Dual DSP audio filter; JRC NVA 319 external speaker unit; Kenwood HS-5 & Sony MDR 101 stereo headphones


4774.99-PERU Radio Tarma,Tarma,in Spanish 06.18.2024 0123-0144 (4774.987 – .986 – .987 – .986 – .987 kHz per utwente,almost fair), music program Onda Tropical de Oro, w/ typical local lively songs w/ instrumental music,man brief talk at times (no much clear); better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid and deep qsb,strong qrn,almost fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

4985.01-BRAZIL Rádio Brasil Central,Goiânia GO,in Portuguese 06.24.2024 0137-0216 (per utwente: 4985.010 – .011 – .012 kHz,poor w/ rtty splats; in // 11815.014 kHz,poor), music program,playing slow mellow songs and slow music tracks (Granada; etc),w/ man brief unclear talk w/ Braz accent at times; better in Lsb sync,non stop rapid qsb,moderate to stronger qrn,qrm rtty nulled in Lsb sync, poor/almost fair at times in Lsb sync/poor w/ strong rtty ringing qrm in usb sync and am; no audio on // 11815.010 kHz w/ light s/on only (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5840-PIRATE (Europe) Mighty KBC,in English and Dutch 06.22.2024 2007-2048:37″* (5840.003 kHz per utwente,very good), playing hard rock,one disco dance,some pop etc songs and music (Paul Simon: You Can Call Me Al; Eagles: Hotel California; etc),w/ man dj brief and longer talk in English after tracks at times (once in Dutch), at 2035 dj chatting briefly w/ another man, carrier on only from about 2048, pulled the plug at 2048:37″; better in usb/lsb sync,qsb fluttery rapid no deep,lite/moderate to strong qrn,good/almost good/fair/almost fair in ssb sync w/ loud audio; (on HFU,ID caught by Ray Lalleu at 1922 and at 2003,same day and frequency) (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5879.96-PIRATE (Europe) Radio Rock Revolution (p) 06.27.2024 2143-2155 (5879.959 kHz per utwente,very good/good w/ crackles qrm), playing hard rock songs only; better in Lsb sync (no audio in am),fluttery no deep qsb,strong qrn rustle,barely audible/very poor/poor/no audio briefly at times in Lsb sync (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5879.97-PIRATE (Europe) Radio Rock Revolution 06.16.2024 2230-2245 (5879.968 – .967 – .968 per utwente,good), playing hard rock and rock songs,at 2241 hoarse ID by usual man DJ (Radio..Rock..Revolution); better in usb sync w/ inter filter to avoid qrm lite/moderate splats,rapid qsb,moderate qrn rustle,almost fair in usb sync (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6059.96-NETHERLANDS Radio Casanova,Winterswijk,in Dutch 06.14.2024 1857-1922 (6059.957 – .956 kHz per utwente,very good), man talk,playing Dutch Polka songs and music,from about 1916 man brief unclear talk twice,at 1919 man brief talk ment ID twice; better in usb/lsb sync,rapid no deep fluttery qsb,moderate to stronger qrn rustle,good/almost good/fair w/ loud audio/ almost fair at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6179.94-BRAZIL Rádio Nacional da Amazônia,Brasilia DF,in Portuguese 06.12.2024 0123-0152 (6179.938 kHz per utwente,good), music program playing some local pop songs,man brief and longer talk at times ment Brasil,then chatting w/ a woman by phone till 0142,again playing pop songs,interspersed by same man brief and longer talk,brief women jingle at 0144,ment ID during talk at 0146 as Rádio Nacional da Amazônia,and chatting briefly w/ another woman by phone,talk and chatting w/ a man by phone; heard in usb/lsb sync,non stop no deep qsb,lite to moderate qrn,good/almost good at times w/ loud audio; in // 11780.01 kHz,same site,poor/almost fair/poor; (11780.008 – .009 kHz per utwente,almost fair/fair at times) (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6204.99-PIRATE (Europe) Technical Man,in English and Dutch 06.29.2024 1903-1955 (6204.990 – .989 – .988 – .989 kHz per utwente,very good/good/almost good w/ loud audio and moderate crackles), playing various pop,country,rock,folk etc slow and lively songs (Alphaville:Big in Japan; The Fortunes:Caroline; Oasis:Wonderwall; The Connells:’74-’75; etc) and one lively music w/ accordion after the first track heard, sometimes man dj talk in spurts after a track in slow English,ment ID in Dutch twice (Hallo…Technische Mens,Technische Mens…), and later talk in Dutch in spurts,ment IDs in Dutch and English (This is Technical Man in The Netherlands,Technical Man….); heard in usb/lsb sync,fluttery no deep qsb,light to stronger crackles qrn,good/almost fair/fair/ almost good with loud audio (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6205-PIRATE (Europe) Laser Hot Hits,in English 06.21.2024 1822-1907 (6204.998 – .999 kHz per utwente,very good), playing disco dance,techno songs and music tracks (KC & The Sunshine Band: Please Don’t Go, etc), w/ man dj brief talk (once with reverb) and SFX at times,at 1850 dj talk over some music,continuing w/ techno songs, w/ brief chorus jingle at times,woman announcement at 1900, man reading news in brief, continuing w/ disco dance and techno songs; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid qsb,moderate qrn rustle,almost good w/ loud audio and S9+15 of peak; in // < > (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6276.99-PIRATE (Europe) Radio Batavia 06.28.2024 1851-1921 (6276.989 – 6274.987 kHz from 1857 per uwente,barely audible/no audio at times), playing two unid songs (rock?), w/ man dj brief unclear talk twice,at 1857 frequency shifted to 6274.99 kHz, continuing w/ disco pop,pop,rock songs, man dj unclear enhanced talk after two tracks; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid qsb,strong qrn rustle,poor/almost fair (on HFU,ID caught at 1907 by Ray Lalleu on 6275.0- kHz,same day) (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6931.10-PIRATE (Europe) Indy Radio (p) 06.15.2024 2302-2317 (6231.100 – .108 kHz per utwente,almost fair), playing hard rock and pop songs,at 2326 man unclear talk in a low tone of voice after first track heard; better in usb/lsb sync,lite qrm splats,rapid no deep qsb,strong qrn rustle,almost fair/fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

9818.82-BRAZIL Rádio 9 de Julho,São Paulo SP,in Portuguese 06.20.2024 0330-0354 (9818.816 kHz per utwente,very poor/barely audible), slow song,man unclear talk w/ Braz accent,slow songs,women chorus jingle at time; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid and deep qsb,strong qrn,poor/very poor at times; in // < > in streaming w/ many seconds of delay (Serra,Roma,Italy)

7269.98-NETHERLANDS RockPower Radio,Nijmegen 06.25.2024 2107-2141 (7269.980 – .979 – .980 – .979 – .980 kHz per utwente,good/very good/almost good or fair at times), ongoing retro disco hits songs and one slow pop song (Spandau Ballet: True); better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid qsb,strong qrn,poor/almost fair in ssb sync (Serra,Roma,Italy)

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Domenica 30 Giugno 2024 alle ore 9:00 UTC  è stata effettuata una trasmissione relativa all’ Alexanderson Day sulla frequenza di 17,2 kHz.

Quest’ anno ricorre il 100° anniversario della costruzione e della prima trasmissione.

Ho effettuato l’ ascolto usando contemporaneamente 2 ricevitori: un SDRPlay e un vecchio voltmetro selettivo Wandel & Goltermann SPM3 che
non sfigura affatto ed una antenna miniwhip.

Prossimo appuntamento Dicembre 2024.

Francesco Paroli (Buglio in Monte Sondrio)

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