Di seguito sono elencati gli ultimi ascolti ordinati dal più recente al più vecchio. D’altra parte, gli ascolti scaduti possono essere letti sulla pagina degli ascolti precedenti.

Ascolti effettuati da Gianni Serra da Roma dal 21 Marzo al 29 Marzo 2024

ianni Serra – Roma-Italy (UTC +1)(DST UTC +2) Equipment: JRC NRD 525 — Sony ICF 2001D (when stated); Alpha Delta DX-SWL Sloper-S antenna for both Receivers; RG 8 mini coaxial cable; JPS NIR 12 Noise & Interference Reducer-Dual DSP audio filter; JRC NVA 319 external speaker unit; Kenwood HS-5 headphones


3975 PIRATE (Europe) Skyline Radio Germany via Shortwave Radio 03.24.2024 1828-1857 (3975.000 – .001 kHz per utwente,good w/ talk in German and briefly in English,and clear ID: «Skyline Radio Germany,in collaboration with Shortwave Radio»), playing two rock songs,w/ man dj brief talk after first track,then longer unclear talk after second track heard,again playing hard rock songs,w/ man dj unclear talk over rock music after each track; better in usb/lsb,non stop rapid fluttery qsb,strong qrn,very poor/poor (Serra,Roma,Italy)

4939.98 COLOMBIA or VENEZUELA Estación 4940 (p) 03.28.2024 0422-0435 (4939.982 kHz per utwente,poor), woman and man unclear talk in turns until 0429,then playing some songs and slow music; heard in usb/lsb,rapid fluttery no deep qsb,strong qrn rustle,poor/very poor in ssb sync/barely audible briefly at times in am (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5920 GERMANY HCJB Deutsch,Weenermoor 03.21.2024 0211-0226 (5920.005 kHz per utwente,poor), ongoing long slow chants tracks only; better in usb,non stop fluttery no deep qsb,moderate qrn rustle,lite rapid rtty qrm,almost fair; in // 3995 kHz,almost fair/fair at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6184.97 MEXICO XEPPM-OC Radio Educación-Cultura México Señal Internacional (p),Mexico City,in Spanish 03.24.2024 0353-0400 (6184.968 kHz per utwente), heard some lyric songs only; audible in usb/lsb sync only,non stop rapid fluttery qsb,strong rustle qrn,very poor/no audio at times; from 0400 overwhelmed by strong AWR on 6185 kHz via Moosbrunn,Austria, w/ some ID in various language (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6218 PIRATE (Europe) Unidentified Radio (Russian?) 03.22.2024 1856-1908 (in USB), playing the same boring Russian (p) lively pop song over and over again in a loop; moderate qrn rustle,almost good/good w/ loud audio (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6218 PIRATE (Europe) Unidentified Radio 03.24.2024 0340-0350 (in USB), playing same boring lively pop song as heard 03.22.2024,over and over again in a loop; moderate qrn rustle,almost good w/ loud audio (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6218 PIRATE (Europe) Unidentified Radio 03.29.2024 0400-0412 (in USB),(good w/ loud audio via utwente), playing usual boring lively pop song as heard 03.22 & 24.2024,over and over again in a loop,interspersed by brief blank; moderate qrn rustle,almost good w/ loud audio and strong signal (9+10 of peak) (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6284.99 PIRATE (Europe) Zender Akenzo,in Dutch 03.29.2024 1758-1834 (6284.986 – .985 kHz per utwente,very good/local audio), playing hard rock songs,disco dance,one LA ballad,pop songs,some folk music (Ray Parker Jr.: Ghostbusters; Shania Twain: Man! I Feel Like a Woman; etc),w/ usual man dj talk a bunch w/ giggle at times (ha ha ha…; ha ha ha ha…) over and after tracks; better in usb/lsb,non stop rapid no deep qsb,moderate to stronger qrn rustle and moderate crackles,fair/almost fair at times  (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6939.87 PIRATE (Europe) Zeppelin Radio (p) 03.26.2024 0156-0214 (6939.866 – .867 – .866 kHz per utwente,almost good/poor), playing lively and slow jazz music (jazz music version of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,etc) and jazz songs; better in usb/lsb,slow no deep qsb at times,strong qrn rustle,almost fair/fair at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6939.88 PIRATE (Europe) Zeppelin Radio (p) 03.29.2024 0341-0353 (6939.877 – .878 – .877 – .878 kHz per utwente,poor,almost fair w/ unid ute qrm), playing some fine pop music tracks only,from 0351 carrier on only; better in usb/lsb sync only,non stop rapid fluttery no deep qsb,strong qrn rustle,poor/very poor at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

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Ascolti effettuati da Gianni Serra da Roma dal 29 Febbraio al 16 Marzo 2024

Gianni Serra – Roma-Italy (UTC +1) Equipment: JRC NRD 525 — Sony ICF 2001D (when stated); Alpha Delta DX-SWL Sloper-S antenna for both Receivers; RG 8 mini coaxial cable; JPS NIR 12 Noise & Interference Reducer-Dual DSP audio filter; JRC NVA 319 external speaker unit; Kenwood HS-5 headphones


4875 PIRATE (Europe) Contikenzo,in Dutch 03.10.2024 2231-2254:40″* (4874.998 kHz per utwente), playing one rock song outro and some local pop songs,then pop music tracks,w/ usual man dj talk a bunch over and after tracks,sometimes laughing briefly,from about 2254 carrier on only,and pulled the plug at 2254:40″; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop fluttery no deep qsb,strong qrn,almost fair/fair at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5060 CHINA P.R. PBS Xinjiang,Urumqi,in Chinese 03.02.2024 1742-1802* (5059.997 kHz per utwente),playing a rock song,then some pop songs (all songs in English),at 1759 man brief announcement over very slow piano tune,time pips at 1800 and carrier on only, s/ off at 1802; non stop rapid qsb not much deep,moderate qrn rustle,fair/almost good in ssb sync (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5800 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Mon Ami/Mike Radio,in English,French,German 03.08.2024 1829-1902:45″* (5799.997 kHz per utwente,very good) playing rock music, man dj talk over music,woman brief announcement,both in bad English,ment Radio…, continuing w/ pop beat,rock,country,disco,techno etc songs (Born to Be Alive etc),interspersed w/ some announcements by man and woman in English and in French ment ID Radio Mon Ami,at 1848 dj brief talk in English and ment Mike Radio twice,later brief talk in German and then longer in English ment some IDs (Mike Radio) over lively music intro,at 1900 man dj: «Mike,Mike,Mike Radio» over same music,playing briefly other music,carrier on only and pulled the plug at 1902:45*; heard in usb/lsb sync,rapid qsb at times w/ moderate rustle qrn,fair/almost good/good w/ very loud audio and strong signal (9+15 of peak) (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5840 PIRATE (Europe) Contikenzo,in Dutch 03.03.2024 1935-2000 playing various rock and pop songs,pulled the plug at 1947:32″; again on air few minutes later, w/ one rock song and some pop songs,man dj talk over songs,ment IDs Contikenzo; heard in usb/lsb sync and am too,non stop rapid qsb,moderate qrn,fair/almost good w/ loud audio (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5879.95 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Rock Revolution 03.07.2024 1929-1949 (5879.952 – .954 – .955 kHz per utwente,good),ongoing rock and hard rock songs,hoarsely ID at 1935 by usual man dj; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid qsb,strong qrn rustle,poor/sometimes very poor/from 1946 almost fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5909.95 COLOMBIA Alcaraván Radio (p),Puerto Lleras,in Spanish 03.06.2024 0418-0502 (5909.953 – .952 kHz per utwente,fair/almost fair/poor), playing slow and lively pop,folk songs and music,sometimes man brief unclear talk after a track,at about 0446 presumed brief unclear talk by woman; better in usb/lsb,non stop rapid no deep qsb,strong qrn rustle,barely audible in am w/ audio up and mostly down; poor/very poor at times in ssb sync (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6009.92 BRAZIL Rádio Inconfidência (tent.),Belo Horizonte MG 03.02.2024 0509-0520 (6009.924 kHz per utwente,but no audio,only qrm splats),caught only some slow songs; audible in usb sync only w/ faint signal,non stop rapid fluttery no deep qsb,qrm moderate qrn,qrm moderate splats at times,very poor/barely audible w/ audio up and mostly down the qrn threshold (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6271.97 PIRATE (Europe) Johnny Tobacco 03.01.2024 1847-1906 (6271.968 kHz per utwente), playing one rock song,carrier on only for about half minute,again on air w/ various pop etc songs,at 1853 man dj brief talk and one phone call,later J.T. dj talk briefly at times over songs ment ID (This is Johnny Tobacco…); better in ssb sync,non stop lite rapid qsb,moderate qrn crackles,almost good/fair at times w/ loud audio (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6289.99 PIRATE (Europe) Weekend Music Radio,in English 03.16.2024 1938-2001 (6289.994 kHz per utwente,good), playing various kind of pop,rock songs,woman brief unclear talk over first song heard,man dj talk longer after each track (no much clear),brief unclear announcement by other man w/ clear ID at 1945,from 1957 other announcements and talk by man and woman; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid fluttery no deep qsb,moderate/strong qrn rustle,from 1946:02″ strong rapid bubble pulse jamming qrm until 1946:18″, and then from 1958:15″ till 1958:32″,poor/almost fair at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6292 PIRATE (Europe) Unidentified Radio 03.05.2024 1839-1849:11″* (6291.997 – .996 kHz per utwente), playing some rock songs and one pop song (Gloria),at 1843 man dj brief rapid talk in unid lang ment ID (Radio…..),but not caught well,pulled the plug at 1849:11″; non stop rapid qsb,moderate qrn rustle when fading,good w/ very loud audio and strong signal (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6322 PIRATE (Europe) Unidentified Radio (Russian?) 03.01.2024 0224-0251 (in USB),woman w/ a choir singing the soviet folk song Katyusha,repeated again and again in a continuous loop; nonstop fluttery no deep qsb,strong qrn rustle,almost fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6324 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Stanzia Bretania 03.12.2024 1956-2013* (non stop very variable frequency up and down by a few tens of Herz past 6324 kHz, w/ distorted audio; transmitter with serious glitches,indeed!), playing some slow pop songs until 2006, carrier on only for some tens of seconds,man brief unclear talk,then playing slow music and same man brief unclear talk, pulled the plug at 2013; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid fluttery no deep qsb,strong qrn rustle,fair/poor (on HFU,ID caught by Fisherman at 2007 same day and variable frequency,as well as «Slava Ukrainia» (Glory to Ukraine) before s/ off at 2013) (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6930.95 PIRATE (Europe) Indy Radio (p) 03.08.2024 1812-1827 (6930.956 – .963 – .956 – .955 kHz per utwente),playing slow music and some pop songs; better in ssb sync,continuous rapid fluttery qsb,strong qrn rustle,non stop beep beep beep…qrm,poor/very poor/no audio at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6944.88 PIRATE (Europe) Zeppelin Radio (p) 03.13.2024 2321-2341 (6944.876 – .875 – .876 kHz per utwente), playing slow mellow psychedelic music,a slow pop song,a slow pop music and some jazz music tracks; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid qsb,moderate/strong rustle qrn,fair/almost fair/poor/very poor at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6990 UNIDENTIFIED COUNTRY (CLANDESTINE?) Ukrayinske Radio,in Ukrainian (p) 03.15.2024 0632-0637* (tx in usb or lsb,strong and clear in both ways), slow music pause,two men talk in turns (presumed local news),interspersed by slow music pause,ment ID «Ukrayinske Radio» at times and before the end of transmission,s/off at 0637;very good (Serra,Roma,Italy)

9665.05 BRAZIL Rádio Voz Missionária,Camboriú SC,in Portuguese 02.29.2024 0037-0100 (9665.049 kHz per utwente), some men take turns chatting w/ man Radio host on the phone till 0045,women choral chant, w/ Radio host hinting few words at times over chant,then a very long sermon by same man (ment. Aleluia que maravilha!….Senhor,vida material…); better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid and deep qsb,moderate rustle,fair in ssb sync (Serra,Roma,Italy)

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