Di seguito sono elencati gli ultimi ascolti ordinati dal più recente al più vecchio. D’altra parte, gli ascolti scaduti possono essere letti sulla pagina degli ascolti precedenti.

Ascolti effettuati da Gianni Serra da Roma dal 26 Ottobre al 11 Novembre 2023

Gianni Serra – Roma-Italy (UTC +1)(DST UTC +2) Equipment: JRC NRD 525 — Sony ICF 2001D (when stated); Alpha Delta DX-SWL Sloper-S antenna for both Receivers; RG 8 mini coaxial cable; JPS NIR 12 Noise & Interference Reducer-Dual DSP audio filter; JRC NVA 319 external speaker unit; Kenwood HS-5 headphones


4765 TAJIKISTAN Tajik Radio 1,Dushanbe Yangiyul,in Tajik 11.05.2023 0112-0126 typical lively local chant,woman announcement,brief lively chant,same woman/man talk,interspersed by brief local music breaks until 0122,lively singsong chant,woman talk; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop very rapid qsb,strong qrn,almost fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

4905 CHINA P.R. PBS Xizang,Lhasa-Baiding,Tibet,in listed Tibetan 10.31.2023 0041-0050 man/woman talk in turns,w/ music break at 0044,from 0045 other man and woman in turns above slow music; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid qsb,strong qrn rustle,poor;in // 4920 khz better in ssb sync,rapid qsb,strong qrn rustle,poor/very poor (Serra,Roma,Italy)

4945 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Misti,in Dutch 10.28.2023 2058-2138 (4944.996 – .997 – 4945.009 kHz up and down per utwente), music,techno,Dutch pop songs,folk music,dance pop,rock songs (Duran Duran “The Reflex”; Queen “Show must go on”,etc),interspersed by man dj talk after and above tracks,also laughing,chatting briefly w/ other man,and ment ID as Radio Misti at times; better in usb/lsb sync,rapid qsb,moderate qrn rustle,qrm moderate buzz noise,almost fair/poor at times; in // 5840 kHz a few seconds early (5840.006 – .007 kHz up and down per utwente),almost fair/fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5835.13 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Europa,Ukraine 11.06.2023 1716-1748 (5835.131 – .124 kHz per utwente) playing lively music,one rock song,and a bunch of Bob Marley’s reggae songs,w/ tracks interspersed by some seconds of blank; better in usb/lsb sync,rapid to very rapid see-saw qsb,moderate to stronger qrn rustle,almost good/fair/poor at times in ssb sync; (on HFU,ID caught by Kris at 1613 same day and frequency – Radio Yevropa,transliterated from Cyrillic) (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5879.96 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Rock Revolution (p) 11.07.2023 2027-2050 (5879.951 – .960 kHz per utwente), playing rock,hard rock,pop rock etc songs (The Police “Message in a Bottle”,Tears for Fears “Shout”, etc),poss ID at times; better in am (sometimes better in ssb sync),non stop slow qsb,strong qrn rustle,almost fair/poor or very poor at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5879.96 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Rock Revolution 11.11.2023 1704-1717 playing hard rock,rock songs,man dj hoarsely ID at 1713; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid qsb,strong rustle qrn,very poor/poor w/ audio up and down qrn threshold at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5920.01 GERMANY HCJB Deutsch,Weenermoor,in German 11.07.2023 1931-1959 three long slow chorus chants,w/ man brief announcement after second track heard,then a long sermon after the third track,brief chorus chant,other man announcement,two slow music tracks interspersed by a slow chorus chant; better in usb/lsb sync,slow no deep qsb at times,moderate qrn rustle (stronger at times),fair/sometimes almost fair or poor (Serra,Roma,Italy)

5995 MALI Radio Mali,Bamako,in French 10.27.2023 2316-2336 (5994.999 kHz per utwente) typical local choral singsong chants w/ instrumental sounds,w/ man brief talk above chants at times (mostly unclear,w/ French accent and some ment Mali); better in usb/lsb sync,non stop very rapid qsb,strong qrn rustle,almost fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6184.96 MEXICO XEPPM-OC Radio Educación-Cultura México Señal Internacional (p),Mexico City,in Spanish  10.27.2023 0305-0329 unclear talk by two women and man in turn (barely audible),from 0310 playing some slow music tracks until 0323,woman and man brief unclear talk in turn w/ Spanish accent for less than one minute,followed by slow orchestral music; heard better in usb/lsb,very rapid qsb,strong rustle qrn,qrm lite intermittent hiss,very poor/barely audible/poor/from around 0321 almost fair at times (no signal via utwente on this fqy) (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6270.01 PIRATE (Europe) Unidentified Radio 11.11.2023 1946-2002 hard rock,pop etc songs (Tina Turner “What’s Love Got to Do with It, etc),man dj brief unclear talk after a track; sometimes better in usb/lsb sync,sometimes in am,non stop rapid see-saw qsb,strong qrn rustle,very poor/poor/no audio at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6274 PIRATE (Europe) Unidentified Radio,in a unid Germanic Lang 11.11.2023 1536-1622* (6274.005 – .004 kHz per utwente),ongoing hard rock,pop rock,rockabilly,etc songs and music (Roxy Music “More Than This”,etc),man talk after at times a track (mostly unclear),dead air from 1621 cutting off Supertramp’s song “Breakfast in America intro” (carrier on only),pulled the plug about one minute later; better in usb/lsb sync,rapid qsb w/ strong qrn rustle,poor/almost fair at times/from about 1602 fair/almost good in ssb sync w/ loud audio at times (increased TX power?) (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6280 PIRATE (Europe) Unidentified Radio 10.28.2023 2235-2305 heavy metal song,dead air for about one minute,again on air w/ slow electro psychedelic music,techno music song and again w/ electro psychedelic humdrum music tracks,w/ some brief dead air; rapid no deep qsb,moderate qrn rustle (stronger when fading),sporadic moderate buzz qrm,almost fair/fair or almost good at times in am (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6931.04 PIRATE (Europe) Indy Radio,in Spanish 10.27.2023 2230-2255 (very variable fqy: 6931.041 – .060 – .055 – .041 – .056 – .043 – .048 kHz etc per utwente) playing various kind of lively songs (Spanish disco dance,pop,rock etc),sometimes interspersed by man dj unclear talk w/ Spanish accent; continuous slow qsb,strong rustle qrn,poor/very poor/sometimes no audio/from 2243 increased audio to fair/almost fair or poor briefly at times  (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6931.02 PIRATE (Europe) Indy Radio (p) 11.01.2023 0222-0234 (very variable frequency of some or many Herz more than 6931 kHz) playing various kind of lively songs,man dj brief unclear talk at 0230; better in Lsb sync,rapid qsb and strong qrn rustle,poor/very poor or no audio at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6931 PIRATE (Europe) Indy Radio 11.04.2023 2021-2038 (variable frequency),ongoing various kind of songs (rock,punk rock,etc),interspersed w/ few or several seconds of blank; better in lsb sync,rapid no deep qsb,strong qrn rustle,qrm moderate buzz noise,almost fair/poor (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6931 PIRATE (Europe) Indy Radio (p) 11.10.2023 1907-1926 (very variable frequency 6931.000 – .013 – 6930.999 – 6931.018 etc kHz per utwente) playing various kind of songs,w/ man dj brief unclear talk after first track heard; better in am! rapid qsb,very strong qrn rustle,poor/very poor/ no audio at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6939.86 PIRATE (Europe) Zeppelin Radio (p) 10.26.2023 0226-0258 lively song outro,then lively and slow instrumental music and choral tracks (lounge music,one jazz music,some choral chants,folk music and song); heard in am,sometimes better in usb/lsb sync,no deep swinging qsb/from 0234 slow deep qsb at times,moderate qrn rustle (stronger when fading),fair/ almost fair or poor when fading/good at times (Serra,Roma,Italy)

6939.86 PIRATE (Europe) Zeppelin Radio (p) 11.01.2023 0151-0205 playing only various kind of slow instrumental music; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop slow and deep qsb (non stop rapid and deep qsb from 0157 circa),moderate qrn rustle (stronger when fading),from about 0157 stronger qrn rustle,poor/almost fair at times/poor or very poor/no audio briefly (Serra,Roma,Italy)

7230 CHINA P.R. PBS Xinjiang,Urumqi,in listed Mongolian 11.10.2023 0149-0210 two local slow songs and  two lively chants,interspersed by woman brief announcements,time pips at 0200, man/woman unclear ID (ment Radio…) and announcements above slow local music,local music pause,talk (presumed reading news in brief) w/ some music breaks,other men/woman announcements,local lively music pause,man w/ a long talk till 0208,some lively and slow music pause w/ man/woman announcements above music; rapid qsb w/ moderate qrn rustle when fading,sporadic qrm co-channel w/ talk up and down (presumed China NR 1 in Chinese),almost good in am/good in ssb sync w/ loud audio; in // 6190 kHz same site,fair/almost fair/poor briefly at times in ssb sync,w/ rapid qsb and moderate to stronger qrn rustle (Serra,Roma,Italy)

9665.02 BRAZIL Rádio Voz Missionária,Camboriú SC,in Portuguese 11.04.2023 0319-0346 (9665.025 kHz per utwente) man religious sermon till 0221 (ment Missionária),slow religious chant,music pause,man w/ long emphatic announcements ment many IDs (Missionária! Missionário,Brasil,Santa Catarina),interspersed by many brief music breaks,slow song,same man w/ another long emphatic religious sermon; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop very rapid and deep qsb,from lite to strong qrn rustle,almost good/fair/almost fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

9664.97 BRAZIL Rádio Voz Missionária,Camboriú SC,in Portuguese 11.04.2023 2227-2253 (9664.976 – .977 kHz per utwente),playing Braz pop songs,woman brief announcement above some music after first track heard,brief enhanced announcement at 2240,followed by chorus jingle IDs, man ID and brief announcement,other man w/ enhanced and excited prayer (Aleluia,glória,glória glória…senhor Jesus),man announcement,long slow chant,man brief prayer (Aleluia!) and playing another chant; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop very rapid qsb,moderate qrn rustle,almost good/good w/ loud audio/fair briefly at times; in // streaming < > (Serra,Roma,Italy)

9819.05 BRAZIL Rádio 9 de Julho,São Paulo SP,in Portuguese 11.06.2023 0407-0443 (9819.047 – .048 kHz and vice versa per utwente), man talk,brief slow music break,two men and woman announcements (no clear,w/ Braz accent),man long talk (mostly unclear) until 0413,then playing slow some religious chants,two men chatting,slow rel song,brief women chorus jingle and brief man announcement,slow religious songs by men singers,interspersed by brief women chorus jingle,man talk,women chorus jingle,other man brief announcement,another brief jingle,man radio host talk,brief music break,woman song; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop rapid and deep qsb,strong qrn rustle,very poor/poor/almost fair at times; in // streaming <> (Serra,Roma,Italy)

11460.03 CLANDESTINE XiWang Zhi Sheng (Sound of Hope) (p),Taiwan,in Chinese 10.30.2023 1628-1643 (11460.026 – .027 kHz and vice versa per utwente),woman/man talk in turns w/ some brief music breaks,from 1630 a long speech by another man; better in usb/lsb sync,rapid and deep qsb,strong rustle qrn,almost fair/poor in ssb sync/very poor in am (Serra,Roma,Italy)

11815.02 BRAZIL Rádio Brasil Central,Goiânia GO,in Portuguese 11.03.2023 0225-0255 (11815.017 – .018 kHz per utwente),ongoing music program,playing slow and lively Braz songs,interspersed by one brief woman choral jingle at 0241; better in usb/lsb sync,very rapid qsb,moderate to strong qrn,almost fair/poor;in // streaming <> (Serra,Roma,Italy)

11895 PHILIPPINES Vatican Radio,Tinang,in listed Vietnamese 11.02.2023 2315-2336 IS orchestra tune (Christus Vincit),man/woman IDs and announcement,brief music break,man talk (presumed news) till 2318,classical music tune pause,brief announcements by two men,woman/man talk program till 2329,piano music pause and brief announcements by man and woman,same woman talk program; better in usb/lsb sync,non stop very rapid qsb,moderate to stronger rustle qrn,fair/almost fair/poor; in // 9580 kHz via same site,better in Lsb sync w/inter filter,moderate to strong qrn rustle,lite/moderate to strong qrm splats,fair/almost fair (Serra,Roma,Italy)

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